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It's a farmer's market delivered to your doorstep.

Applications are now open for 2020! Check out our hands-on farming & learning experience for children and young adults from 7-18 years old.

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2013 & 2016 Kentucky Farm Bureau Farmer of the Year Finalist: Gary T. Cecil

DCPS FRYSC nominee wins statewide Bridges Over Barriers Award

Who We Are

Cecil Farms has raised produce for 30+ years. Gary and Ryan Cecil (father and son) have grown a variety fruits and vegetables on both a commercial and local level. Cecil Farms takes pride and focuses on Sustainable Agricultural practices and meets or exceeds the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.

What We Do

Delivering locally grown Farm Fresh Produce to local HOMES, businesses, restaurants, schools and more in Owensboro, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Order a variety box to be delivered on a weekly basis throughout the harvest season (typically May through October), containing a variety of what is in-season. Divide the box with neighbors, family, or co-workers.

Delivered to You

The variety changes throughout the harvest season. Some weeks there may be more or less of an item, depending on how large the variety is for the week. Remember that the local produce supply can be impacted by less-than-ideal weather conditions, so the choices can vary week to week and year to year.

Opportunities to Save

Pick-up at the farm venue save 25%
Create a Co-op Group
5-10 people leader saves 15%
group members save 10%
11-24 people leader saves 20%
group members save 15%
25+ people FREE for Leader
group members save 20%
*Savings excludes pricing for extras and add-ons, such as meat, eggs, milk and other items. Inquire for more details.

Our Harvest Seasons

Pay all at once or pay as you go. All seasons available as full share or half share, and you choose whether you want weekly or every other week deliveries. We are Kentucky Proud and use that as our standard for LOCAL. We like to add value to our shares by including produce from other local farms, making this truly a COMMUNITY initiative.

Flower Sales are available in April & May! We can be found at Farmers' Markets April through August

WE HAVE LOCAL HONEY! Cecil Farms had 750 hives in their watermelon fields last season. At peak, there were 50,000 bees per hive. Using a local beekeeper to tend to and nurture the bees has been a great asset for the bees and food production.

What Our Customers Say

"Because of you I can be proud of myself for eating locally. You made it so convenient."

"I love this service!"

"Outstanding service."

"Can't wait until next year!"

"Every aspect of Cecil Farms Produce Delivery was exceptional."

"Quality produce."

"I appreciate being able to have wonderful farm fresh produce delivered."

"Great value for what we paid."

"Thanks for being so convenient."

"Loved everything about it! Each Week we looked forward to the delivery."

"I loved the surprise of getting it each week and always having fresh on hand."

"A very good product."

"Friendly Service"

"Thanks for the good food!"
"Awesome service with awesome variety of awesome veggies!"

"Great produce. Great price."

Ready to eat healthy, fresh, and local?

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