NEW FOR 2020:  Drive-Thru Ordering and Pick-up.  Order ahead and pick-up the next day between 12:00 - 6:00pm Monday - Friday at 8753 Mulligan Rd.  Visit www.ShopCecilFarms.com to order.  


If you are going to be out of town, Cecil Farms will gladly deliver your box to a friend or family for you OR donate your share to a local family with school- aged children (Owensboro City Schools and Daviess County Public Schools)

What’s in my share: 

LOCAL, FRESH PICKED (most items picked the morning of delivery), SUSTAINABLY GROWN fruits and vegetables.  Contents vary week to week and actually sometimes day to day.  We are working with mother nature.  Every year proves to be different, allowing different items to thrive than the year before and different items to struggle as well.  Just as with having your own garden, some items may be more plentiful than others at times.  Boxes will be composed of items that are currently in-season for Kentucky.

So, you will not see Watermelon in May, but come mid-July…..You sure will!  

Return of Container: 

To save both money and materials, we Re-Use our containers.  We will pick-up the empty container when we deliver your next share.  We have a $15 container fee that will be charged if the container is not returned.  Remember, when we replace/re-order containers we cannot just reorder one or two, we have to order in large bulk, which equates to large expense $$$$.   

Can I Customize my box: 

YES, IF you choose to pick-up at the farm!  Otherwise, we will offer some customization options during weeks that we have a large enough quantity of items being harvested.  

Is the CSA only fruits and vegetables: 

Cecil Farms offers a la carte items under the shopping tab that can be added-on to your share each week.  Item offerings may include: honey, eggs, pork, beef, artisan breads, dairy (cream, milk, yogurt, etc.), juicing……all locally sourced from local farms.  

Can we visit/purchase on-farm: 

Yes, we have on-farm business hours and a drive-thru pick-up.  We will also have U-Pick hours for vegetables and pumpkins.  Follow us on Facebook and instagram to keep up! 

What is Farm-Camp?  

The Cecil Family is focused on education and making an impressionable impact on today’s youth in a number of facets.  We offer camp for ages 7-9

years old in June and July.  The focus is on growing food.  Space is very limited.  We keep the number of participants small, creating an environment for hands-on, active learning for all.  

What Size share should I order: 

Most households order a half-share.  This can be upgraded at anytime to a full-share, which would accommodate daily cooking.

How often will I receive a delivery: 

You will experience the most variety and offerings when you choose weekly.  You have the choice of Weekly OR Bi-Weekly.

Is there a commitment: 

We are growing the produce on our farm for our members, so when you sign-up you are committing to a season of local, healthy, natural eating.  We plan how much we are going to grow based on how many members we are serving.  We operate with the goal of complete satisfaction in-mind.

Where can we deliver to: 

We deliver to regions in Southern Indiana, Owensboro (Daviess County) and areas surrounding and/or in-between.  We are open to exploring new areas, assuming at least 5 customers are clustered there.  Cecil Farms delivers to Homes, Offices, Campsites, Schools, Restaurants, Health Food Stores, etc.  Pretty much WHEREVER you are and create a co-op group of 3+ orders!

If I am not home, will my produce be okay outside all day: 

You do not have to be home to receive your delivery.  It will be delivered in a breathable container.  Summer heat can affect some items (leafy greens, etc.).  We recommend a cooler with ice  pack be left for us to put your produce in (especially if you plan to order dairy or meats……It is REQUIRED).

What time will my delivery arrive: 

Typical delivery times are between 9AM-2PM.  This can vary, as there are many variables involved in our delivery routes.


Making changes or additions to weekly share:

You may log into your account and add extra items (based on availability) each week.  The deadline is Sunday.  

What if there are things I don’t like: 

We REALLY encourage you to be open to trying everything, as it is all for good health and nutrition.  We do however understand there are sometimes medical restrictions.  We can accommodate.  If you have a long list of items you don’t like, this may not be an ideal program for you to participate in.   

What if items are damaged or something is wrong with my order: 

We are dealing with perishable items, so decay after a period of time is ABSOLUTE, however it should not arrive to you in such form.  We will gladly take ownership and accept responsibility for damage and/or decay WHEN we are contacted within 12 hours of delivery.  After 12 hours, there are too many other possible contributing factors that come into play for us to be held responsible.  It is important that you open your box and place your items in proper storage upon delivery OR arrival home from work.  

Why is there dirt on my produce: 

You are getting a delivery practically DIRECT from the field, as we are picking it within hours of arrival at your home.  We try not to send you very much of our dirt & soil, but you should ALWAYS practice the habit of WASHING your fresh fruits and vegetables, no matter where they come from (farmers’ market, grocery, CSA, your back yard, etc.)